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Some Words About Us
Open vStorage is the first no-compromise storage system that combines the best attributes of object storage systems - like massive scalability and data protection – with the high performance and application compatibility of the best block storage SAN systems. We believe in open source and the right of everyone to have the best storage system possible without the vendor lock-in and high prices of proprietary SAN and NAS systems.
The World’s Fastest
Distributed Block Store!

  • Performance, Performance, Performance: 50,000,000 IOPS per rack
  • Low Latency: sub 0.5 mSec Latency
  • Efficiency: unique NC-ECC technology uses only 1.3x storage and yet is 10x more reliable than 3x replication
  • Ultra Reliable & Clustered: tunable from 99.9 to 99.999+% availability
  • True Scale Out: up to 1,024 hosts and 30 PB per cluster
  • The Lowest TCO in the Market: scale-out object storage economics for ALL your applications

Full Open Source – AGPLv3
Open vStorage is the best Storage Platform for Advanced Storage Workloads: Virtualization, vDisks, Docker, Databases, NAS, SAN, …
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Fast & Flexible

  • 30 PB per Cluster
  • 50,000,000 IOPS per Rack
  • No Vendor Lock-In
  • Flexibility across Hypervisors & Backends

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Lowest TCO

  • More IOPS
  • Smaller Footprint
  • Scale Out Architecture
  • Automatic Multi Tiering

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  • Unlimited History Included
  • Distribute Data across multiple Datacenters
  • Survive Datacenter failure without Replication
  • Integrated Backup

Listen to what users say:
Open vStorage has allowed iQIYI, the largest Internet and mobile video service provider in China, to turn our OpenStack Swift object store into a scalable, high-performance SAN for production Virtual Machines. ~ Ke Yu, Technical Director, iQIYI Cloud Infrastructure Team
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Open vStorage is more than wicked fast:

True Scale Out Architecture0%

Encryption & Compression0%

Zero Copy Snapshots0%

Thin Clones0%

Backend Flexibility0%

Multi Protocol - Multi Interface0%

The Open vStorage Team
We are a team of passionate engineers with one objective: to bring the benefits of object storage to the block storage world. What we have built is the fastest no-compromise storage system – with the performance & application compatibility of the best SAN systems AND the scalable economics of object storage systems. The Open vStorage team has simply removed any compromise from storage.
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