Open vStorage by CloudFounders

basementIn a recent conference call an attendee expressed the following:

There is a real company behind Open vStorage? I thought this was a project done by 2 guys in their basement.

There is a big misconception about open-source projects. Some of these projects are indeed started and maintained by 2 guys in their basement. But on the other hand you see more and more projects where a couple of hundred people contribute. Take as an example OpenStack. To this open-source project companies such as Red Hat, IBM, HP, Rackspace, SwiftStack, Mirantis, Intel and many more are contributing code and are actually paying people to work on the project.

Open vStorage is a similar project being backed up by a real company: CloudFounders. At CloudFounders we love to build technology. People working for CloudFounders have done this for companies such as Oracle/Sun, Symantec, Didigate/Verizon, Amplidata and many more leading technology companies. We have also been active in the open-source community with projects such as Arakoon, our distributed key-value store.

The technology behind Open vStorage is not something we wrapped together over the last 6 months by gluing some open-source components together and being coated with a nice management layer. The core technology, which basically turns a bucket on your favorite object store into a raw device, is developed from scratch by the CloudFounders R&D and engineering team. We have been working for more than 4 years on the core. We have used the technology in our commercial product, vRun, but decided the best way forward is to open-source the technology. We believe software -defined storage is too important a piece of the virtualization stack for a proprietary solution that is either hypervisor specific, hardware specific, management stack specific and storage backend specific. With Open vStorage we want to build an open and non-proprietary storage layer but foremost something modular enough which allows developers to innovate on top of Open vStorage.

PS. According to Ohloh, Open vStorage has had 1,384 commits made by 14 contributors representing 55,404 lines of code!