Open vStorage 2.2 alpha 6

Today we released Open vStorage 2.2 alpha 6. Like the alpha 4 this is a bugfix release.

Bugs that were fixed as part of alpha 6:

  • If required, Open vStorage updates the Cinder driver to be compatible with the installed Open vStorage version.
  • Various issue where the ALBA proxy might get stuck.
  • Issue where the ALBA proxy fails to add fragments to the fragment cache.
  • Arakoon cluster remains masterless in some cases.
  • Various issues with the updater.
  • Remove vPool leaves MDS files.
  • An xml file visible through FUSE isn’t accessible but it is available on the backend.
  • While the extending vPool task is running, the vPool can’t be added or removed from other Storage Routers in the GUI.
  • Timeout for backend syncs and migration is added to ensure more graceful handling of live migration failures.
About the Author
Wim Provoost
Product Manager Open vStorage.