2016: Cheers to the New Year!

The past year has been a remarkable one for Open vStorage. We did 2 US roadshows, attended a successful OpenStack summit in Vancouver, moved and open-sourced all of Open vStorage on GitHub and released a lot of new functionality (our own hyperconverged backend, detailed tuning & caching parameters for vDisks, a certified OpenStack Cinder plugin, remote support, CentOS7, …). The year also ended with a bang as customers were trying to beat each other’s top 4k IOPS results.


While it might look hard to beat the success of 2015, the Open vStorage Team is confident that 2016 will be even more fruitful. Feature wise some highly anticipated features will see the light in Q1: improved QEMU integration, block devices (blktap support), docker support (Flocker), iSCSI disks, replication, support for an all-flash backend, … Next to these product features, the team will open its kimono and discuss the Open vStorage internals in detail in our new GitBook documentation. In order to be more in spirit with the open source community, blueprints of upcoming features will also be published as much as possible to the GitHub repo. A first example is the move of the Open vStorage config files to etcd. Finally, based upon the projects of partners and customers in the pipeline, 2016 will be unrivaled. So far a 39 node cluster (nearly 125TB of flash alone) is being deployed in production and multiple datacenters (US, Europe, Asia) are being transformed to use Open vStorage as storage platform.

Cheers to the New Year. May it be a memorable one.

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Wim Provoost
Product Manager Open vStorage.

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