Meet Open vStorage in Paris or Frankfurt!

Open vStorage is an open-source project which is supported by a spirited community. Without this community Open vStorage would not be the success it is today. To boost that community, CloudFounders (the sponsor behind Open vStorage) will be hosting an Open vStorage booth at following events:

We would like to welcome on our booth contributors, users and supporters. In case you would like to discuss things with the team or have burning questions, we are there for you. So, look for the CloudFounders/Open vStorage booth and stop by to say “HI” or “Bonjour”.

Open vStorage 1.5

During the summer the Open vStorage Team has worked very hard. With this new release we can proudly present:

  • Feature complete OpenStack Cinder Plugin: our Cinder Plugin has been improved and meets the minimum features required to be certified by the OpenStack community.
  • Flexible cache layout: in 1.5.0 you have the capability to easily configure multiple SSD devices for the different caching purposes. During the setup you can choose which SSD’s to partition and then later when creating a vPool you can select which caching device should be used for read, write and writecache protection. Meaning these can from now on be spread over different or consolidated into the same SSD device depending on the available hardware and needs.
  • User management: an admin can now create more user which have access to the GUI.
  • Framework performance: a lot of work has been put into improving the performance when a lot of vDisks and vMachines are created. Improvements upto 50% has been reached in some cases.
  • Improved API security by means of implementing OAuth2 authentication. A rate-limit has also been imposed on API calls to prevent brute force attacks.

Fixed bugs and small items:

  • GUI now prevents creation of vPools with a capital letter.
  • Implemented recommendation for a security exploit on elasticsearch 1.1.1.
  • Fix for validation of vPools being stuck on validating.
  • Protection against reusing vPool names towards the same backend.
  • Fix for the Storage Router online/offline detection which failed when openstack was also installed.

Next, we also took the first step towards supporting other OS than Ubuntu (RedHat/Centos). We have created an rpm version of our volumedriver and arakoon packages. These are tested on “Linux Centos7 3.10.0-123.el7.x86_64” and can be downloaded from our packages server. This completes a first important step towards getting Open vStorage RedHat/CentOS compatible.

HP Helion Podcast: Talk about Open vStorage

Stephen Spector, Social Media Strategist HP Helion, and Wim Provoost, Product Manager Open vStorage, discuss Open vStorage and how this newly available open-source solution can be used for expanding the use of object storage systems in the cloud. Listen to the complete interview below:

Note: HP Helion OpenStack is the OpenStack distribution of HP. There is also a pure, free-to-license community distribution.