Open vStorage 1.6

Just before we start the holiday season at the CloudFounder’s HQ, we wanted to give the community an early Christmas present: Open vStorage version 1.6:
So what is included in this release:
  • Audit trails: In version 1.5 we added the option to add multiple users. In the 1.6 version we keep a log of all the actions performed through the Open vStorage API for 30 days. Not only user actions are included by also volume driver actions. This will allow us to f.e. track who  creates or deletes a vPool.
  • Improved usability: With this release we wanted to create a better user experience. Some examples, when a vPool is added we no longer ask for ports and Cinder gets now automatically downloaded, the API now returns paging metadata and we revamped the GUI so it doesn’t look as empty as it used to. So basically a whole lot of small features which make life easier.
As you can see we have limited the amount of new features in this release but focused more on bug-fixing:
  • Fix for OVS workers being stuck in rare cases.
  • Fix for a bug which causes the GUI and other API calls to take a very long time to complete in case a host goes down. There was a manual workaround but the current fix automates the process.
  • Memcache can now be restarted without the need to restart the volume driver process.
  • Fix for the slow responding of the SNMP server in case of many objects.
  • The volumedriver logs are now compressed and correctly rotated.
  • Fix for issues with live migration on OpenStack.
  • Faster loading of the vMachine Detail page.
  • Fix for incorrect amount of vDisks under Storage Routers on the Dashboard.
  • Better layout for Firefox.
  • The setup script incorrectly calculates the machine_id on some OSes.
  • Fix for xforwarding being broken.
  • Fix for failing addition of a vPool on slow environments.

Enjoy the holidays!

About the Author
Wim Provoost
Product Manager Open vStorage.