You like open-source, storage and writing code?

You like open-source, storage and writing code and you are interested in contributing towards the development and adoption of both Open vStorage and Kinetic technology? Yes? Well in that case you can write code during your spare time and contribute that to the project. Something we of course highly appreciate and will lead to a (Belgian) beer when we meet in real life. But we are aware that some people are looking for a more intense relationship, full-time as freelancer or on the payroll. If you would love to contribute to this exciting project, let us know! I will be sitting by my mailbox ( waiting for you. We have developers from everywhere in the world working on this project so we accept candidates from all over the world.

We are looking for people who have following skills:

  • In depth knowledge of FUSE, NFS, GlusterFS, Ceph
  • In depth knowledge of QEMU, VMware, KVM, Xen, Docker
  • Hardcore C++ or OCaml coder
  • Experience in kernel or device drivers
  • Experience with distributed applications such as Hadoop (optional)