Meet the team at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver!

As last year, the Open vStorage team will attend the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver. Who would want to miss the success stories of OpenStack in the field, the new developments and many interesting sessions for OPS and developers? Not this team! In case you want to meet us, locate booth T21 on the show floor or scan the summit for someone with a blue shirt with the Open vStorage logo on the back. We will be there with a whole bunch of people so whether you want to discuss business, operations, deep technical issues/wishes or just socialize, we have someone in Vancouver that can address your questions and needs.
For us the kilo release is also time for a little party: Open vStorage will be an official, certified Cinder plugin. How cool is that!

During the OpenStack Summit we will present 2 new developments:

  • The vRUN appliances: a stackable, hyperconverd private cloud appliance based on OpenStack and Open vStorage. The appliance comes by default with Open vStorage support but if needed we can add OpenStack support and monitoring to the mix.
  • The free Open vStorage community edition: the new Open vStorage community edition allows to easily setup a hyperconverged private cloud by using local SATA drives as Tier 2 storage. It allows small users to build and run a complete OpenStack based cloud without any software cost. It also allows users which are looking at Open vStorage as storage layer for a large scale-out cloud to test the hyperconverged functionality without any cost.

Open vStorage Support Page

In the upcoming version of Open vStorage we added tons of new features. We already discussed the new metadata server architecture in a previous blog post. We have also added features which should improve the support we can give. You can now set up a secure VPN tunnel so our operations team has access to the environment for troubleshooting. In the below video you can see the new ‘support’-screens and how to enable or disable the heartbeats.

As always, feedback is more than welcome!