Demand for video surveillance platforms is growing rapidly. Various business areas start to see the added value of 24/7 camera protection. With technology advancing, video surveillance has transformed into a strategic business tool used to reduce organizational risk and improve financial returns. Modern high definition IP video surveillance systems generate vast amounts of critical, sensitive data. The value of a video surveillance platform stands with the ability of the underlying storage platform to store, protect and activate this data. Video Surveillance is a very big challenge for traditional IT infrastructure. The Open vStorage platform is build and optimized for 24/7 video data flows and provides performance, resiliency and mobility. Critical surveillance data is stored without loss, protected from failures and always available. Open vStorage platform supports massive inflows of camera data and is capable of supporting any post processing or analysis of your video data.


The Open vStorage platform is optimized for 24/7 video data flows and provides the required performance in terms of IOPS and Scalability for critical surveillance data. The platform is build to archive 10,000+ camera sources and is capable of supporting any post processing or analysis of your video data. Unlike traditional storage platforms, the Open vStorage technology is built to sustain the highest performance levels even during potential drive rebuilds.


99.9999% data availability is standard! With a resilience designed to survive multiple disk failure and even nodes failures without data loss Open vStorage enables a fully distributed storage platform where single points of failure have been removed. Instead of traditional RAID, the Open vStorage uses a unique Network Connected-Error Correction Code (NC-ECC) which is much more storage efficient and increases data availability to unmatched levels.


Open vStorage enables one to start small and linearly scale-out your video surveillance platform in hours and adjust rapidly to changing capacity needs. Benefit from non-disruptive scaling of your storage platform to support growing numbers of cameras without initial over-provisioning storage resources and your budget.


Open vStorage lets You in control of the data. Open vStorage offers encryption at source and allows you to define different access levels while supporting stringent privacy rules. Store your streams behind your own locked doors, fully on premise or in a secure datacenter, the platform helps you to meet the most stringent security rules and regulations.