Backup, DR and CDM Included

Backups have been associated with storage as a “must have” for decades. The purpose of having backups was to prevent against hardware failure or human errors. Distributed designs such as the Open vStorage architecture prevent against these hardware disasters. Automated snapshots and flexible clone and roll-back functionality tackle the human errors.

Questions? We got answers!

Why not use a 3rd party tool for backup?

We are a point in history where the amount of and growth of storage is so massive, back up would be 24/7 process for 3rd party tools. On top backing up a couple of petabyte is a very costly operation. The only solution to this backup problem is to make 3rd party backup obsolete and build it in as core functionality of the storage solution. That is exactly what Open vStorage has done!

Can I really take an unlimited amount of snapshots?

Yes, for Open vStorage taking a snapshot is as simple as putting a marker in the metadata. As it is such a low impact action which doesn’t require to copy any data, taking a snapshot completes in less than a millisecond.

Can I use my backups for dev/test purposes?

Yes, Open vStorage allows to quickly create new clones of any workload managed by the Open vStorage software. This allows developers the ability to create images quickly and be more responsive when implementing new applications or managing existing ones. Spinning up a clone in your own datacenter or even in a public cloud like Amazon or Azure just takes a few clicks.

Does Open vStorage have Copy Data Management functionality?

Yes. Copy Data Management (CDM) is practice where backups are transformed from a cost into an asset. Instead of using your snapshots and backups only in a Disaster Recovery scenario, CDM allows you to spin up clones for testing and development or even run analytics. Open vStorage’s rapid clone functionality and superb performance enables users to use these clones as if they were production servers.