Enterprise Backup & DR

A vast majority of Enterprises still feel their data is unsafe from a disaster. Human error, system failure and natural disasters could significantly impact their bottom line. It is absolutely vital to be prepared before disaster strikes with a solution that allows you to easily safeguard, search and recover individual files and application data from a backup, no matter where they are located in the archive.
That sounds pretty straightforward and easy to accomplish. There is however one very important condition to this easy and straightforward objective. The storage platform you will be using to power you Backup and DR plan needs to be fully up to speed. Quite often, Backup and DR solutions simply lead to creation of additional data silos and hence additional complexity and costs. The Storage platform of your choice should actually make your life easier, not more complex. Additional silos is not what you want. You have to look for a storage solution that combine your primary and secondary storage into one. You will also want to make sure that all the Copy data that is created in your Backup and DR solution is easily accessible. Not only for DR purposes but also for DEVOPS, data analysis and many other processes.
Taking all of this into account will make traditional storage technology less suited for Backup and DR solutions. What you need here is a storage platform that ticks all the boxes and removes all the compromises.


For a real protection against any possible disaster Open vStorage securely distributes your data across multiple datacenters. For efficiency we have gone beyond traditional replication and moved to a unioque Networked and Clustered Error Correction Code algorithm(NC-ECC). This offers reduced data overhead and increased reliability. While your data is accessible though each individual datacenter, Open vStorage will continue to keep your storage available in the event of a complete datacenter failure.


Open vStorage enables rapid scalability without service interruptions. The 2 dimensional scalability allows to scale Capacity independent from Performance. With Open vStorage it is easy to deploy clusters of up to 50PB and 1,024 hosts all running off of low costs commodity X86 hardware. This scalability is all available without any manual interaction and allows to to keep a tight fit of your storage platform and your Backup & DR requirements.

Scalable Performance

Open vStorage enables a lineair scaling of Performance of up to 500,000 IOPS per commodity host and a latency below 250 micro seconds. With Open vStorage is not just for frozen backups. Open vStorage powers your Primary Data just as well as your Secondary Copy Data. To make sure your data gets the required breathing space, Open vStorage has read and write buffers and has a unique approach of serializing random IO. No workload, Primary or Secondary is big enough for Open vStorage.


The ever growing amounts of storage are so massive, adding additional tools and processes to your storage for back up functionality would be 24/7 process. On top, data volumes reaching Petabytes today would require huge efforts to be copied from one location to another just for backup. Open vStorage delivers all backup functionality out of the box and offers completely configurable zero copy snapshots. Snapshots can be retained for multiple years and provide multiple roll back points for individual volumes as well as individual file and folder restore options.

Copy Data Management Included

Copy Data Management (CDM) is a relatively new IT category of solutions intended to centralize the creation and management of copies of production data—or “copy data”. “Copy data” is the collective set of all data not currently being used in production. Copy Data comes as snapshots, backup, or clones made for various IT or business functions—data recovery, test/dev, analytics or operations functions. Copy data consumes the majority of your storage capacity and is growing at a multitude of the production data environment. Inevitably this calls for large secondary storage solution turning your storage into large isolated silos. With Open vStorage Copy Data Management comes out of the box. Both your primary and secondary data is managed in the same Storage solution. With Open vStorage there will be no more Storage silos.