Interview With Bob Griswold, Chairman, Open vStorage

The website Storage Newsletter did an interview with our own Bob Griswold, Chairman of Open vStorage. In this Q&A Bob gave an answer to various questions such as what kind of storage product is Open vStorage, what is our vision, open source involvement, our business model and many more interesting questions.

Read the complete interview here.

File Storage blogpost: impressive and probably one of the most comprehensive

File Storage, one of the leading blogs about storage, is featuring Open vStorage in one of their latest blogposts. You can read the full blog post here. We believe they are 100% correct in their conclusion:

The Open vStorage solution is really impressive and is probably one of the most comprehensive in its category.

Just a small note, we are not confidential, rather we are conservative and hence not well known yet. It takes years to build and stabilize a storage system of the scale we’ve built with Open vStorage!

Seagate Kinetic Open Storage Project Plugfest

Open vStorage was invited to host a session during the Seagate Kinetic plugfest on Tuesday, September 20 to demo and discuss advances in Ethernet-connected storage. Kinetic is a drive architecture in which the drive is a key/value server with Ethernet connectivity. With Open vStorage we have created ALBA ASD software that mimics this key/value behaviour for normal SATA drives. Kinetic drives can of course also be used as archiving backend for an Open vStorage cluster.

Read more about the Kinetic Open Storage Project here.

IT Administrator – Fargo – Hot and fresh

IT Administrator Fargo - Heis und freshThe new Fargo release of Open vStorage is featured in the German IT Administrator magazine of December. The IT Administrator team did a deep dive of almost 5 pages into the new Fargo architecture and gave the new release a testdrive through Ansible and docker.

Open vStorage erhält mit dem neuen Fargo-Release eine völlig überarbeitete Architektur. Die quelloffene Storage-Umgebung macht sich den Shared-Memory-Ansatz zunutze und verspricht noch mehr Leistungsfähigkeit, eine bessere Performance und ein Höchstmaß an Sicherheit. Damit ist Open vStorage die ideale Lösung für Multi-Petabyte Multi-Datacenter Storage-Cluster – so sehen das zumindest die Entwickler.

Tech Field Day Interview at OpenStack Summit

At the OpenStack Summit in Austin, Wim Provoost got interviewed by Stephen Foskett. Stephen is the organizer of the Tech Field Day events, an independent IT influencer event. In this interview they discuss Open vStorage and talk about the benefits it can bring to enterprises that are looking to run OpenStack in production.

Open vStorage featured in OpenStack Object Storage (Swift) Essentials

swiftbook Are you still looking for a nice present to put under the Christmas tree? A good suggestion is OpenStack Object Storage (Swift) Essentials as it features Open vStorage as one of the use cases of OpenStack Swift. The book has been written by Swift experts Amar Kapadia (Sr. Director Product Marketing at Mirantis), Kris Rajana (CEO at Biarca) and Sreedhar Varma (Director – Storage Technologies and Software Development at Vedams Software).

Online Meetup: How does OpenStack Swift play with Open vStorage?

On Tuesday November 25th (09:00 AM PST), you can join the OpenStack Online Meetup community for a conversation between Swift’s Program Technical Lead John Dickinson and Wim Provoost of Open vStorage as they discuss OpenStack storage and how their respective projects work together. They both had presented before and those were some of the most popular meetups. You can see Wim’s episode here. This time they will be talking with both together about how Open vStorage can provide a block interface on top of OpenStack Swift.

You can register here to be part of the session.

Open vStorage and OpenStack – the Storage Switzerland take

Open vStorage is HyperFast storage for OpenStack Virtual Machines. SSDs and PCIe Flash cards inside the hosts are used as Tier 1 storage while OpenStack Swift, Ceph, or any S3 compatible object storage solution is used as Tier 2 storage. George Crump and Charlie Hodges from Storage Switzerland and our own Wim Provoost discussed the OpenStack Open vStorage relation during a 12 minute podcast.

Some of the questions that are raised and answered in this podcast:

  • What is Open vStorage?
  • Which problems is Open vStorage trying to solve?
  • Why does Open vStorage focusses on the OpenStack market?
  • Is Open vStorage trying to replace Ceph as OpenStack storage?

HP Helion Podcast: Talk about Open vStorage

Stephen Spector, Social Media Strategist HP Helion, and Wim Provoost, Product Manager Open vStorage, discuss Open vStorage and how this newly available open-source solution can be used for expanding the use of object storage systems in the cloud. Listen to the complete interview below:

Note: HP Helion OpenStack is the OpenStack distribution of HP. There is also a pure, free-to-license community distribution.