Add Copy Data Management to your workloads by simply using Open vStorage

Copy Data Management (CDM) is a relatively new IT category of solutions intended to centralize the creation and management of copies of production data—or “copy data”. “Copy data” is the collective set of all data not currently being used in production. Copy Data comes as snapshots, backup, or clones made for various IT or business functions—data recovery, test/dev, analytics or operations functions. Copy data consumes the majority of your storage capacity and is growing at a multitude of the production data environment. Inevitably this calls for large secondary storage solution turning your storage into large isolated silos. With Open vStorage Copy Data Management comes out of the box. Both your primary and secondary data is managed in the same Storage solution. With Open vStorage there will be no more Storage silos.

Thanks to the Log-Structured approach of Open vStorage, the complete history of your data is captured in an unlimited number of zero-copy snapshots. Snapshots can be used to roll-back specific volumes or can be cloned for Dev/Test purposes.

Open vStorage also has an automatic tiering mechanism which alway allocates the best possible storage tier for specific data volumes. By accessing a Volume for instance in a dev/test context, Open vStorage automatically moves the data to the highly responsive performance tier enabling a quick and swift Dev/Test. By no longer accessing the Data Volume, Open vStorage automatically moves is to the larger capacity tier or even Archive tier for longer term storage.

The open vStorage Tiering mechanism make sure that any of your data and its history is always available inside the most appropriate Storage Tier.

No more Storage Silos with Open vStorage

Download the Copy Data Management WP in our Resource section