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If you are looking for something in the middle of the beaten track, stop reading! At Open vStorage we like to do things differently and like to explore what is beyond. We strongly believe in the power of creativity and interaction with our peers. Our storage product is the best proof of this. We are proud to say that our team has created the world’s most agile storage platform and has put us on the map together with the traditional storage giants.
To make our team even stronger, we are looking for:

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Open vStorage is the World`s fastest Distributed Block Store that spans across different Datacenter. It combines ultra-high performance and low latency connections with a data integrity that has no comparison. Data is distributed across datacenters using both Replication or Erasure Coding.

Joining Performance and Integrity is not a simple bolt-on solution and requires a from-the-ground-up approach. The open vStorage intelligence delivers up to 50,000,000 IOPs per rack. Disk Failures, Node Failures and even Datacenter Failures do not present data loss and hence do not threaten any of your Data Integrity.

You have been lead to believe that in order to have a 100% Data Loss Protection you have to compromise on  Performance. While this might  sound logical and acceptable, in is time to step out of the box and demand a non-compromise Storage Platform.

With Open vStorage you can have your cake and eat it too!