Scalable Storage Platform that can keep up with the exponential growth of Machine Generated Data

Machine data is one of the most underestimated assets of any organization. However, some of the most important insights is in this data: where things went wrong, how to optimize the customer experience, the fingerprints of fraud. All of these insights can be found in the machine data generated by the normal operations of your organization. Some sources claim that by 2020 almost half of the data growth will be caused by Machine Generated Data. To turn all of this data into information and benefit from its value one needs a highly scalable AND performant storage platform. You want to keep storing this data but you want to perform the analysis and turn the data into information as fast as you can.

Get rid of all Storage compromises you had to made in the past. With Open vStorage you can build a indefinitely scalable storage cluster that lets you deploy a multi-peta byte archive cluster spread over multiple Datacenters. The Archive cluster is a safe and always available platform that is capable of growing along with the increase of your machine generated data.

Turning your Machine Data in real usable Information can be done in the Analytics tier where Flash is optimizing performance.

Open vStorage is fully automatically shifting data from Archive to Analytics tier and back. Data that is part of an ongoing analysis is pulled into the Analytics tier and pushed back once is is not longer part of any analysis.

Use Open vStorage to cater for your Machine Generated Data