Openstack Storage done Right!

Let Open vStorage deliver a Storage Platform that is blazing fast. Compared to Ceph you will be able to benefit from more than 30 times (!) the IOPs that Ceph delivers. Traditional Storage Solutions lack Reliability and Simplicity. With Open vStorage setting up your Storage Platform is straight forward and only takes a few clicks to set up a fully Scalable, Reliable and high-performing Storage Cluster.

Bring your Flexible Storage to your Openstack Cloud. Simply install the Open vStorage on your KVM hosts and benefit from a highly performing and Scalable Storage Cluster. open vStorage will take all burdens off of your hands and will even take care of inline compression and encryption, if requested. All your data will efficiently be distributed all available hosts.

You want to pool local storage located in multiple locations? Not a problem! Open vStorage easily spreads data across different datacenter. You want to add additional hosts to the cluster? Go ahead! Open vStorage scales to 1,024 hosts with ease.

Use Open vStorage to turn existing Hard Disk, Flash Drives, RAM, SANs and even Public Clouds into a high performing, highly scalable and always available storage platform. Let your virtual machines travel from host to host without any hick-up or data copy.

Use Open vStorage with your Open Stack Deployment