Bring storage at the heart of your VMware workload with Open vStorage.

Let Open vStorage solve all Storage Challenges a VMware workload presents. No need to add any additional third party tool or process. Open vStorage ticks all the boxes. Forget the limitations of your traditional storage array . Open vStorage delivers on Performance, Flexibility and Scalability from one single platform and completely automates all VMware storage. The Open vStorage platform grows with your VMware environment from single host solutions to multi datacenter platforms.

Connect your VMware workload to any GeoScale Storage Network

Make use of any available third party GeoScale Storage Cluster or simply build your own. Connecting to a GeoScale Cluster is easy. Simply expose data volumes over iSCSI or expose NFS datastores directly from the storage cluster.

In case you want to cash fully on performance, just install the Open vStorage Edge component in any of your VMware virtual machines and connect to the Open vStorage platform. Your virtual machines will never be short of IOPS while any of your data is protected by the Open vStorage automated policy driven snapshots.

Tear down any of the Storage Silos in your traditional setup. In case you want to clone any part of your workload for Dev/Test purposes. Simply take an Open vStorage snapshot and clone it to any other compute host.
Bring your VMware storage to the next level. Use Open vStorage to pool all your storage into one highly available and ultra-fast Storage pool.

Open vStorage will take care of inline compression and encryption, if requested, and will efficiently distribute the data across all available hosts.

You want to pool local storage located in multiple locations? Not a problem! Open vStorage easily spreads data across different datacenter. You want to add additional hosts to the cluster? Go ahead! Open vStorage scales to 1,024 hosts with ease.

Use Open vStorage to turn existing Hard Disk, Flash Drives, RAM, SANs and even Public Clouds into a high performing, highly scalable and always available storage platform. Let your virtual machines travel from host to host without any hick-up or data copy.

Use Open vStorage with your HyperConverged VMware environment