Open vStorage 1.2

Another month flew by which means the Open vStorage team is very proud to announce Open vStorage 1.2. The new big features for this release are:

  • apt-get install openvstorage: during the month of May we have improved our install process, making it much easier to install Open vStorage. The advised way to install Open vStorage is now by using Debian packages. When using Apt-Get, the software can also be installed on Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS. Stay tuned for more supported OSes in the future.
  • SNMP monitoring: in this new release all parameters, ranging from vDisks, vMachines, vPools to the actual Grid Storage Routers of the Open vStorage Cluster can be monitored through SNMP. This means you can now use your favorite monitoring tool (Zenoss, Nagios, Cacti, …) to see real-time statistics and create historic graphs of IOPS, memory usage and many more parameters.
  • Improvement in the vStorage Driver to allow clones to be created in parallel from a vTemplate.

This release also contains a lot of bug fixes. The most important fixes are:

  • Various bugfixes to harden the rebooting of an Open vStorage Cluster.
  • Fix to the Add vPool wizard to make sure it doesn’t get stuck.
  • Making the user messages more clear.
  • Fix for a create from vTemplate issue on VMware in case of multiple nodes.
  • Removing a vPool is now possible in case there are vMachines on another vPool.
  • Incorrect tooltip on the vPool Detail Management tab.
  • After deletion of a vTemplate, the corresponding VM is also deleted from the vSphere client and the vPool.