Open vStorage Q1 US Roadshow

OpenStack started to gain momentum in 2014 but will really kick off in 2015. Gartner has put software-defined storage in its top 10 technology trends for 2015. The amounts of data will continue to grow as the Internet of Things is unfolding before our eyes. As Open vStorage is in the middle of OpenStack and storage,  2015 will be the year of Open vStorage. To kick off the year in style we are doing a US Roadshow in cooperation with local OpenStack User Groups. We had to make some heartrending decisions and  disappoint some groups as we couldn’t do a Meetup in their community but below are the lucky ones for the first  Open vStorage Roadshow:

During this session we will discuss the current status of OpenStack storage projects and give an overview of the new  features in Open vStorage 2.0 (to be released in Q1 2015).

Note that registration is required and there is an attendee limit.

PS. In case you organize an OpenStack User Group and would like to host an Open vStorage session, contact us by email at