Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, …

iNuron, the company behind Open vStorage, is growing rapidly. With more and more customers selecting Open vStorage and more and more multi-petabyte storage clusters being deployed, we are looking for more hands to help out. Currently we are looking for 2 profiles:


In case you are not afraid of large storage pools and you like to assist international, high profile customers with Proof of Concepts, then look no further as we have the ideal job for you: Operation Engineer. As part of our brilliant OPS team you will be responsible for keeping our large scale storage clusters up and running. Our engineering teams aren’t perfect so their code may lead to actual issues and customer support requests. As a preventive measure our OPS engineers are also responsible for developing, executing and maintaining software test plans and take part in the acceptance process of each new Open vStorage version.

Read the complete jobpost here.


Do you eat Python for breakfast and breath Javascript? In that case we have the ideal job for you as we are looking for additional software engineers for our framework team. Being part of our framework team means you will be responsible for the GUI, API and managing the different components that make up the whole Open vStorage cluster.

Read the complete jobpost here.

Open vStorage Support Page

In the upcoming version of Open vStorage we added tons of new features. We already discussed the new metadata server architecture in a previous blog post. We have also added features which should improve the support we can give. You can now set up a secure VPN tunnel so our operations team has access to the environment for troubleshooting. In the below video you can see the new ‘support’-screens and how to enable or disable the heartbeats.

As always, feedback is more than welcome!